Announcement for selected students to join MWUCE for 2011-2012 Academic year


2. Postgraduate Admissions 2011-2012

3. Application form for postgraduate programmes

4. Annual Fees Structure for M.ED. Programme

5. Admissions for Academic year 2011/2012

Mwenge University college of Education is kindly inviting you for applications into the 2011/2012 academic year
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Application form to undergraduate programmes (2011/2012 Academic year)

Also Mwenge university college of Education is announcing new courses in computer science started on 1st April 2011.

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Application form for new computer courses

Special and Supplementary Examinations time table 2011

PRINCIPAL - Welcoming Message

Science and Technology are an important ingredient in any training institution especially an institution of higher learning. It is for this reason that Mwenge University College of Education has kept pace with the rest of the world in introducing a website. Our website will keep you informed about our programmes, application procedures, fees structure and the varied activities that make Mwenge a special institution for training secondary school teachers.

The hallmarks of Mwenge University College of Education include provision of a model of professional excellence, being a center for training teachers and students to become clear thinkers while providing a holistic approach to learning and teaching. This is made possible through promotion of flexible teacher training programmes focused on appropriate methodologies.

Therefore Mwenge University College invites you prospective student, prospective donor or interested friend of good will, to join us as we strive to build a nation that is imbued with integrity and moral values that are based on solid training offered at Mwenge.

Semester 1 Examination Results - May 2011

BG, BP, CB, CG, CM, CP, EG, GK, GM, HE, HG, HK, KE, PG and PM

BC, BG, CG, CM, EG, EK, GK, GM, HG, HK, PC and PM
BC, BG, BP, CG, CM, EG, GK, GM, HE, HG, HK, KE, PC, PG and PM

News from web administrator
Second Semester provisional examination results (August 2011) are now published on
In the web address above click on Studies, Click again on Examination results and you will see these examination results there